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New challenge - investment in Radom

We are pleased to announce that INSTAL-FILTER SA has signed a contract with the General Contractor, SBB ENERGY company, to construct the flue gas desulphurisation and dedusting installation for the project: “Development of the Flue Gas Treatment Plant for WR-25 boilers in Ciepłownia Północ (heat plant "North") and Ciepłownia Południe (heat plant "South") as part of the project entitled “Adaptation of heat sources to the requirements of BAT Conclusions in RADPEC S.A.”

The project, scheduled for completion in the fourth quarter of 2022, will involve upgrading the flue gas treatment plants for seven existing boilers in "North" and "South" heating plants in RADPEC S.A.

Under the contract, INSTAL-FILTER SA, based on its own design, technology and know-how, will deliver the flue gas desulphurisation and dedusting installation to the project site, along with the entire required infrastructure and technological equipment, and will commission them. Upgrading the existing heat sources will enable the heating plants to operate in accordance with the new European Union regulations. Our company will contribute greatly to adapting the facility to the requirements of the BAT conclusions for large combustion plants (LCP) and the Industrial Emissions Directive. 

Thanks to the solutions developed by INSTAL-FILTER, the emissions of sulphur oxides will be reduced to one-seventh, and the emissions of dust to less than one-fifth of the current values. The residents of Radom will benefit from clean air in the entire surrounding area.

We wish the entire team a successful completion of the project. Good luck!

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