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De-dusting is an important process in many industrial sectors. Enterprises are obliged to meet growing environmental requirements in the field of particulate pollutants. INSTAL-FILTER SA offers comprehensive de-dusting installations that meet all restrictive emission standards.


De-dusting devices guarantee an appropriate level of dust emission contained in flue gases and gases from various technological processes. Dust and particles are generated in many different ways. They occur in the flue gases from power boilers fired with hard coal, lignite or biomass. In metallurgy, air de-dusting systems are used to remove dust generated, e.g. in the processes of grinding, kibbling, polishing, pouring or transporting materials. Industrial dust collectors are also used in all industries where the problem of dust is related to the type of raw material produced, e.g. in cement plants and sugar factories. Properly selected de-dusting devices, in addition to pro-ecological aspects, have an impact on the correct operation of production lines, and thus increase the efficiency of technological processes.


Depending on the source emitting pollutants and the type and amount of suspended particles, we use: vertical or horizontal bag filters, cyclo-filters or mechanical dust collectors, such as: cyclones, multi-cyclones, chamber dust extracting units, and sparks eliminators. In dust extraction technology, we use a number of physical principles that allow the separation of solid particles from the stream of dusty air. From the simplest principles, using the mechanics of gases, to advanced ones, using filtration on filter fabrics. These principles are also often combined within one device (filters with pre-chambers, cyclo-filters). In the filtration process, the separated, purified air is released into the atmosphere, and the collected dust is managed by the investor.

Bag filters are most commonly used to de-dust the flue gases from power installations. They are effective devices capable of separating larger particles suspended in the flue gases, but also retaining even the smallest dust grains, which are the most dangerous for humans.

De-dusting devices can work with both non-explosive dust and particulate pollutants with explosive properties (link to ATEX).

Containment of dust sources is not without significance, as is the high quality of the lines transporting the dust and securing the place of its storage.


The range of industrial dust collectors is very wide, therefore their purchase sometimes becomes a real challenge for the investor. By choosing INSTAL-FILTER SA, you gain the support of specialists who, thanks to many years of experience, will help you choose the right devices. INSTAL-FILTER SA has its own production hall, design office and extensive machinery park. As a result, we provide our clients with a comprehensive implementation of the dedusting system - from the project, through production, to assembly and service. Our offer is flexible, and we create all designs of de-dusting installations individually in order to offer the best solutions. Our de-dusting devices work well in all industries. Their effectiveness is confirmed by positive opinions and references from our clients.

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