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Transport of materials

Most of de-dusting installations require supply of dust to a single or a few locations. Transport may take place into chutes, within installations or to place, which is far away.

To collect dust the most frequently there are used big-bags, containers, siloes at de-dusting systems and storage yards next to slag collection systems. 


  • Wide variety of accessible systems to transport dusts and slag enables us to meet every requirement related to transport of bulk materials.
  • Our systems are always adjusted to requirements of an investor in the field of type of transported material, its quantity and its path.
  • Our systems are natural environment friendly since they do not cause so called secondary dust ejection when carrying out the transport process.
  • Wide range of devices in our offer enables optimal configuration of a system for the Client.

Pneumatic transport

If you are looking for a solution intended to transport bulk materials at long distance (100-200 meters) the best solution is pneumatic transport carried out on the grounds of compressed air. Depending on source of compressed air it is divided into low-pressure and high-pressure transport. For needs of the low-pressure transport a source of compressed air is blowers or high-pressure fans. Relation of transported material and quantity of air in such a system is low. High-pressure transport, in turn, is supplied by compressors and relation of transported material and quantity of air in such a system is high.

Complete transport system, apart from units producing the compressed air comprises containers, system of transport pipes, system of dust unloading and a control system.

Worm conveyors

By means of worm conveyors we transport dusts horizontally or at a small angle. Apart from transport function the conveyors can also mix or add transported materials. They are very popular because of their simple structure and small dimensions.

INSTAL-FILTER SA offers the following conveyors:

  • Channel type PSU (channel, U shape)
  • Channel type PSV (channel, V shape)
  • Pipe, type PSD (round channel)


Typical conveyor comprises a channel, worm shaft, rear and front bearings, chute and a drive. For long conveyors additionally there are applied bearing supports at the entire length of the conveyor. All parameters of the conveyor are adjusted individually for a particular application. When designing, we take into accounts all circumstances in order to assure optimal operation of a device (proper selection of the conveyor, type of material, parameters of the worm conveyor or a drive).

In our structures we apply drives of recognized manufacturers such as NORD, SEW. Maximal length of conveyors offered by us with a single drive is 24 m. Longer distances are erected with use of series of conveyors (transport with pouring from a conveyor into a conveyor).

Tube-line conveyors

If a client needs to transport dust in a complicated spatial circumstances (horizontally, vertically, inclined, with curves etc.) at higher distances we propose tube-line conveyors.

Transport element in these devices there are round disks on a tendon system, which move in a tube housing. Such a housing is also a tight closure of de-dusting units areas (chutes). Since they assure hermetical conditions of dust collection there is no need for additional dust collecting units. Relevantly adjusted speed and materials of transporting disks assure long-term and reliable operation.

Tube-line conveyors may cooperate with units designed to moisten the dusts.

Strip de-slagging units

To collect and to transport slag from stoked-fired boilers we offer strip de-slagging units. These are units which, apart from transport function, assure also pneumatic shut-off of discharge from the boiler (chute is merged in water in a channel of de-slagging unit) and removal of water on inclined part of the de-slagging unit before it is supplied into a belt. Transporting element of the de-slagging unit is a metal strip driven by a motor-reducer assembly in a steel channel with basalt tiles.

For low power boilers with a single chute we recommend one-point de-slagging units OWJ250 (length approx. 3 m). In case of larger boilers, with a few dust collection points we offer multi-point de-slagging unit OWW250 (length approx. 12 m). Structure of the de-slagging unit ensures automatic water replenishment, it eliminates clogging of the slag and ensures safety of operation. The unit is controlled by means of local cabinet located nearby.



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