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Waste incineration

photo - garbage, waste - dedusting from incineratorsPresently there are produced huge quantities of communal, industrial and medical wastes and their storage is more and more complicated. These problems enforced necessity to find other solution which aims to liquidate the wastes. Hence, there are erected technologically advanced wastes incinerator plants. During wastes thermal processing there occur dusts, slags and many chemical compounds harmful for the environment, which, on the basis of rigorous regulations must be subject of cleaning and neutralization process.

INSTAL-FILTER SA offers, for communal, industrial and medical incinerator plants, modern solutions, which enable to achieve values of emissions accordant with all binding regulations. High efficiency is achieved by means of own technologies of fumes de-dusting and neutralization, manufactured by us and investment costs of such a system is small compared to costs of erection of a total incineration plant. 

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