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Ducts, expansion joints, damping valves, supportive structures


In order to erect a complete de-dusting system, apart from designing and manufacturing of devices a lot of other elements are required. Choosing our company client does not have to worry about anything since all of them are available in our range of products. Ducts , damping valves and supportive structures are manufactured by INSTAL-FILTER SA acc. to typical types of series and in untypical dimensions adjusted to individual needs of our clients.


They are intended to pump an utility within the entire system. We offer round ducts in a standard range from Φ100 to Φ2500 and rectangular from 100x100 to 3550x3550. Range of simple duct is supplemented by varied types of fittings (elbows, tees, diffusers etc.). Depending on application, ducts are made of coal steel of casual quality, acid-proof steel, boiler steel, heat-resistant steel. Standard thickness of walls we propose are from 1,0 to 6,0 mm (thickness of walls depends on diameter and intended use - ducts at the clean side or dusted side). Normally, depending on thickness of the wall for particular dimension (diameter or section), ducts are divided into 4 types, type 1, type 2, type 3 and type.

render - Expansion joint

Expansion joints

Expansion joints are intended to compensate thermal elongations in pipe installations where there flow hot gases. We offer them in both, metal version (entire expansion joint made of metal with special expanding element) and fiber version (expanding element made of a special fiber, which stops gases, resistant to temperature and chemical operation of an utility). In fiber compensates there are fastened special protective sheets inside their structures. They protect the expansion joint fiber from tearing if, in a pipe, which is subject of the expansion process, there is a lot of dusts. Metal expansion joints can be applied up to operational temp. equal 600°C, fiber expansion joints up to 300°C (ranges to 80°C, to 180 °C, to 300°C). Special models t=600°C.

Types of series offered by INSTAL-FILTER SA:

  • KSO – round, steel expansion joint
  • KSP – rectangular, steel expansion joint
  • KTO – round, fiber expansion joint
  • KTP – rectangular, fiber expansion joint

Dimensions of the expansion joints are accordant with types of series of channels.

render - Throttle


Throttles are intended to open / close or to regulate flow of the gas at an installation. Throttles are made in a version with a manual drive or a version adjusted to it. Throttles adjusted for drives are normally equipped with an electric drive (slow speed actuators) or pneumatic (rotary actuators). Drives in open-close version or control version.

Standard types of series available in our offer:

  • POR - round manual throttle
  • PORS - round manual throttle, tight
  • PON - round throttle, adjusted for drive
  • PONS - round throttle, tight, adjusted for drive
  • PPR - rectangular throttle, manual
  • PPRS - rectangular throttle, manual, tight
  • PPN - rectangular throttle, adjusted for drive
  • PPN - rectangular throttle, tight, adjusted for drive
  • PPRP - rectangular throttle, for heavy-dusted gases
  • PPNP - rectangular throttle, for drive, for heavy-dusted gases
  • ZRO - control and shutting off valve with a manual drive

Dimensions of the throttles are accordant with types of series of channels.

Supporting structures

They constitute support for inbuilt devices and elements of the equipment. They are made of typical hot-rolled sections or cold-bent elements. They have anti-corrosion layer or they are galvanized. They are designed and manufactured acc. to Construction Law.