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Vertical bag filters

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Module vertical bag filters constitute a line of traditional de-dusting units with bags attached in a vertical system. They are intended to extract dry dust from gases in all industry sectors. They are characterized by ability to purify great quantities of gases - exceeding 1 000 000 m3/h. 


They apply the same filtration rules as horizontal filters (separation of dusts from stream of gases takes place at the external area of a filtrating bag). Clean gas enters interior of a bag, from where, via a clean chamber of the filter it is ejected outside the device. Separated dusts fall into a chute, from where, via varied collection systems they are transported into outside. 

In order to preliminary separate part of dusts (thicker fractions, abrasive or glowing particles) we apply mechanical dust extracting units before filters in form of first filtration stage, or we design a part of the filter's dirty chamber as a preliminary separation chamber.


Module structure of filters (set of individual chambers) enables us to configure them in the way that they assure required efficiency (standard range from 20 000 to 1 000 000 m3/h), and they meet requirements in the field of their height (low filters, high filters, twin-filters).

Dimensions of the installation with vertical filters are much bigger compared to installations based on horizontal filters. Nevertheless, area necessary for certain applications based on long bags may appear to be smaller compared to area with horizontal bags since long (up to 10 m) bags can be employed. Filters, made according to Ex requirements enable de-dusting of explosive dust-air mixtures. 

The filters in question are characterized by vertical placement of bags in a filtrating chamber. Depending on usage, they are made of casual quality anti-corrosion steel or acid-proof steel. They can be placed in a rectangular housing or a round one. There are applied, as a standard, bags of diameter 130, 150 or 160 mm, length from 2 to 7 m. Par a client's request we also apply other diameters of the bags. In vertical bag filters the gas inlet is located in the bottom part of the filter chamber and the outlet in the upper part of it. Both of the parts are separated by means of a wall where there are fastened the filtrating bags. To fasten the bags snap rings are applied.

Depending on your needs we offer the following types of filters

  • PLS – light vertical filter, in an rectangular housing, with on-line regeneration system
  • PCS – heavy vertical filter, in an rectangular housing, with on-line regeneration system
  • PCO – heavy vertical filter, in an rectangular housing, with shut-off chambers and with off-line regeneration system
  • PCX – heavy vertical filter, in an rectangular housing, with on-line regeneration system, EX
  • PCH - vertical filter in rectangular housing, characterized by high-thermal resistance, with ceramic inserts and on-line regeneration
  • POG – vertical filter in round housing, inlet from the top and on-line regeneration system
  • POD – vertical filter in round housing, inlet from the bottom and on-line regeneration system

Filter regeneration systems.

A very important element during operation of the entire filter is so called regeneration system. Its task is to de-dust bags that is to remove dusts which settle down on bags during the filtrating process. An utility which cleans the bags is the compressed air.

Three following regeneration systems are available

  • on-line system (regeneration during typical operation of the filter)
  • off-line system (bags regeneration in a chamber totally separated from the filter's operation, sequential shutting-off)

The on-line system is the cheapest one and widely used in case of most of dusts.

The off-line system is applied in case of hard-to-regenerate dusts (it is difficult to remove them from surface of a bag) and in case when the filter needs to operate non-stop. Maintenance works, replacement of bags takes place in a shut-off chamber while the other part of the filter operates normally. A disadvantage of the system is necessity to erect the filter increased by one chamber (one chamber is always switched off to regenerate it).

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  • An advanced way gases are entered ensures their uniform flow into all of the bags.
  • Downstream direction of certain quantity of gases supports falling of the dusts in the filter's chamber.
  • Both-side filtrating bags positioning and preventing them from their displacement eliminates effect of mechanical wear in case ends of bags contact each other. It is very important in case of long bags.
  • Modern regeneration system - Twin-jet enables applying of purified gas originating from the filter clean chamber to carry out this process. In this way efficiency of regeneration grows up and, at the same time, compressed air consumption goes down.
  • We apply filtrating fibers of proven leading manufacturers.
  • We ensure de-dusting in case of high temperature gases by means of PCH filters. Additionally, ceramic inserts in the filters in question can have catalytic coat intended for neutralization.

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