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Horizontal bag filters

Horizontal module bag filters are modern devices used to de-dust polluted industrial gases. At the same time they meet technical condition which is high efficiency of the de-dusting process, and the economic one which concerns low capital expenditures and operational costs.

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Horizontal bag filters can be applied in practice in every industry: from power industry and heating engineering to metallurgy and steelworks, chemicals industry, foodstuffs industry and bulk material industries: cement - lime - aggregates. They are applied in order to de-dust cold and hot gases. Filters, made according to ATEX requirements enable de-dusting of explosive dust & air mixtures.


Horizontal bag filters operate on the basis of proven and the most effective filtration method, based on varied types of bags made of the best quality fibers of different sorts. Bag material is selected individually depending on application for which a filter is estimated - from very popular materials (e.g. polyester) to advanced glass fibers with Teflon diaphragms and wide range of surface treatments. Available materials ensure filtration of gases up to temp. 260°C.

Depending on application, horizontal module bag filters are made of anti-corrosion steel or acid-proof steel. Their structure is a result of many innovative solutions. The solutions in question effect from many year experiences and innovative designing approach based on latest available tools.

Scheme - horizontal bag filter


Polluted gas is supplied to the upper part of the filter, so called filter's smoke conduit. There takes place a gas stabilization process and distribution of gas stream to the extent, which ensures equal use of the total filter's filtering area. Separation of dusts from stream of gases takes place at the external area of a filtrating bag. Clean gas enters interior of a bag, from where, via a clean chamber of the filter it is ejected outside the device. Separated dusts fall into a chute, from where, via varied collection systems they are transported into outside. 

In order to separate part of dusts (thicker fractions, abrasive particles, or glowing particles) we equip a filter with integrated preliminary chambers (sedimentation or distribution chambers). Such a procedure has an impact on protection of filtrating bags where a final stage of gas cleaning process may take place.

Module structure of filters enables us to configure them in the way that they assure required efficiency (standard range from 1000 to 1 200 000 m3/h), and they meet requirements in the field of area necessary to erect them (low filters, high filters, twin-filters).

Depending on structure and needs of our clients we offer the following types of the filters:

  • DFN – modular bag filter with on-line regeneration system
  • DFO - modular bag filter with off line regeneration system, with shut-off chambers
  • DEX – modular bag filter with on-line regeneration system, EX
  • DWF - modular bag filter with off line regeneration system and with movable compressed air tank.
  • MWF - modular bag filter with off line regeneration system and with movable mid-pressure fan.
  • DFK – cartridge bag filter with on-line regeneration system

Advantage of such a structure:

  • stream of gas, flowing via the filter, accordant with the direction of the dusts fall into the chute, which has a great impact on the life span of the filtrating bags, consumption of compressed air, operational costs as well as flow resistances in the unit
  • comfort and safe service of the filter via large side door of a clean chamber
  • provision of proper and stable system of the bags in a filtrating chamber by their double-side fastening (in a tube wall and rear wall of the filter)
  • unique, flat shape of the bag enables optimal usage of space which substantially affects dimensions of the filter
  • application of short bags (1,0 to 2,5 m) ensures perfect regeneration at their entire length and ergonomic maintenance service
  • modern Twin-Jet regeneration system
  • unique shape of a basket makes that the filtrating bag is de-dusted very efficiently since amplitude of the filtrating move in the framework of the regeneration process is much larger compared to traditional solutions
  • densely erected wires of the basket structure provide optimal support for a filtrating bag which significantly extends its service life
  • double-side fastening of the basket set with a bag in the filtrating chamber eliminates mechanical damages caused by wiping of bags, which contact each other
  • horizontal placement of double-side supported bags reduces load on the fiber caused by weight of so called filtrating cake on the surface of filtrating material which extends real strength of the bags by approx. 300% compared to vertical bags

OFF-LINE regeneration system with shut-off sections of the filter

In horizontal filters there can be applied a regeneration system by compressed air, operating in on/off-line mode, with rows of bags shut-off for needs of the regeneration, or closed entire sections of the filter. Off line regeneration system with section of the filter which may be closed, enables total separation of the filtration chambers from gas flows during regeneration process of a filtrating material. The above-mentioned filters are divided into independent singular sections and each of them is equipped with its chute with separated closing. This solution enables discharge of the most arduous dusts from the filtrating bags’ area. This type of separation of the filter's sections enables conduction of inspections or repairs at the operation time without a need to shut off the unit. Such a structure of the filter ensures high availability rate of the entire de-dusting system which is presently frequent requirement of a client.

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  • Use of our bag filters ensures meeting most of European requirements in the field of de-dusting process efficiency
  • Horizontal bag filters we offer enable to limit concentration of dusts in purified gases at the rate not exceeding 1 mg/m3.
  • Acquisition of emission rate required by a client can be also performed step by step, by extension of already existing filter depending on norms related with environment protection.
  • Filters, made according to Ex requirements enable de-dusting of explosive dust-air mixtures.
  • Dimensions of installations based on filters in question are much smaller than installations based on traditional filters.
  • Our philosophy of filters erection enables investors to incur lower financial costs adjusted to regulations binding at particular time.

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