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NOx reduction in fumes

Acc. to Ordinance of the Minister of Environment, emission standards for NOx in case of coal combustion have changed.


To meet the binding law, INSTAL-FILTER SA offers the following NOx technologies:

  • SNCR
    Selective, non-catalytic reduction method applied in high fumes temperatures of gases 850 – 1080 °C
  • SCR
    Selective, catalytic reduction method applied in low temperatures of gases 180 – 470 °C
    Combination of SNCR and SCR methods

Basis of the SNCR method

Reactions which take place in the process of NO:

NH2 + NO -> H2O + N2

As an agent, which reduces the NOx, there are applied:

  • Urea - (NH2) 2CO
  • Ammonia - NH3
  • Ammonia water - NH4OH

The fig. demonstrates construction of the SNCR installation:

SNCR installation scheme

Effective NOx reduction systems offered by INSTAL-FILTER SA are combination of proven technologies based on long-term experiences and innovative technology. They are characterized by low cost consumption and great availability.

Taking economic aspect into accounts it is important to reduce the NOx level also on the grounds of primary methods.