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Meeting with sugar technicians in Warsaw

On February 13-14, 2020, the 32nd Post-campaign Technical and Raw Material Conference organized by the Stowarzyszenie Techników Cukrowników [Association of Sugar Technicians] took place at the FSNT-NOT Dom Technika in Warsaw. The meeting was held under the patronage of the Związek Producentów Cukru [Association of Sugar Producers] in Poland and was attended by representatives of sugar concerns. 

The aim of the conference was to summarize the results of the industry, but also a debate on solutions for the energy production in the sugar industry with respect to new legal regulations in the field of air emissions. INSTAL-FILTER SA has successfully completed many modernizations of flue gas treatment installations in sugar factories throughout Poland, which is why at the abovementioned conference we acted as a substantive partner. Particular attention was paid to flue gas desulphurisation technologies, which are currently in the center of interest of investors in the sugar industry. Our Manager - Maciej Napieralski - presented optimal solutions in the field of comprehensive flue gas dedusting and neutralization installations that meet the provisions of BAT Conclusions. 

 Thank you for the successful meeting and we invite all sugar technicians to cooperate with us. 

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