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INSTAL-FILTER Industrial Air Purification Systems SA is implementing a project co-financed from European Funds - Implementation for the production of compact, modular technology of industrial fumes treatment.

The aim of the project is to execute an investment consisted in the implementation of a new technology for air purification by producing installations with increased energy efficiency, consisting of compact modules for exhaust fumes and gas cleaning, especially solid particles, neutralization of harmful compounds contained in exhaust gases and heat recovery and offering this technology to the market.

As a result of this operation, INSTAL-FILTER SA will expand its offer with a new product characterized by a number of innovative qualitative and functional features, mainly in the field of compact design and increased energy efficiency.

As part of this project, an installation will be introduced to the market as a result of technological assumptions submitted for patent protection in application P.407460 dated 6 March 2014.

It is worth noting that this technology received on August 22, 2014. a positive report on the state of the art, which means that there are no similar construction solutions on the market or those offering convergent benefits for the end user.

In summary, the main goal of the project is the implementation of a new technology that was developed during own R & D works, and whose effectiveness is confirmed by carried out tests and studies. This technology was created as a response to the identified market demand, and the product resulting from it, thanks to its unique parameters and features will meet the expectations and needs signaled by the clients. 

Project value: 19 520 540.61 PLN                           EU Co-financing: 6,000,000.00 PLN

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