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Service prevention

Regular inspections of the air protection system means trouble-free utilization, and thus seamless  operation of the enterprise. It is irrelevant whether we are talking about the heating plant, where it is important to maintain the continuity of energy supply, or about the production company for which the uninterrupted production process is crucial. In both cases, the system failure is a risk of additional costs and downtimes. 

Planned downtime periods can be used for maintenance, repair and replacement. Such opportunities may be, for example, as follows: for heating companies - the end of the heating season or for sugar factories - the end of the campaign. Also many other industries, e.g. cement plants, already have the so-called repair season permanently written in the calendar. This is the perfect time to inspect the air protection system. INSTAL-FILTER SA is a qualified team that quickly and efficiently provides comprehensive repair and maintenance services for industrial air protection systems. Thanks to this, you minimize the risk of the lack of business continuity during its greater burden and you are not exposed to additional costs.

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In the current epidemiological situation, INSTAL-FILTER SA maintains the highest safety standards in the interests of the health of its employees and all persons involved in the service provision process.

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