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Another ecological success achieved by IFSA – highly efficient flue gas neutralization installation in the Pruszków CHP Plant

In January this year the consortium of INSTAL-FILTER SA and Energoserwis completed the project in Pruszków CHP Plant for PGNiG (Polish Oil Mining and Gas Extraction S.A.). It is another comprehensive project implemented by our company in the field of efficient flue gases purification as well as the first installation in Poland that guarantees the compliance with the MCP Directive for new boilers. The project implemented in Pruszków is an example showing that it is possible to construct coal boilers that meet all applicable, stringent emission regulations.

As part of the order, the INSTAL-FILTER SA team was responsible for the comprehensive provision of air protection devices, including the design, manufacture, installation and commissioning. The Pruszków CHP Plant has been equipped with the installation for neutralising harmful compounds in flue gas, equipped with two bag filters with horizontal bag setup. Those filters catch dust resulting from the combustion of coal in two WR-type grate boilers. 

Dedusting and flue gas neutralization installations have been constructed according to the INSTAL-FILTER SA design, while all components have been manufactured in the manufacturing plant in Kościan, Poland. The flue gas cleaning installation in Pruszków is fully based on the proprietary, highly efficient technology developed by INSTAL-FILTER SA. Its effectiveness is proven by emission measurements which are one of the key stages of the commissioning. The conducted research not only proved the achievement of the ecological effect guaranteed by the contract but also showed the reduction of SO2 compounds significantly below 50 mg/Nm3. The achieved level of dust emission to the atmosphere is also compliant with the level guaranteed within the framework of the directive.  

Summing up, we achieved success in the Pruszków CHP Plant on multiple levels: on the legal level we guaranteed the compliance with all emission requirements, while on the project implementation level we met all the expected deadlines.  Moreover, due to the fact that the project was implemented based entirely on Polish engineering know-how, we were able to offer competitive prices that were attractive to the Investor. We are pleased that, thanks to the cooperation with INSTAL-FILTER SA, the Pruszków CHP Plant has been adapted to the requirements of the MPC Directive for new combustion plants and ensures that local residents breathe fresh air every day.

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