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INSTAL-FILTER SA, as the General Contractor, will comprehensively perform design and assembly works for MPEC Tarnow for the 1st stage of modernization of the "Piaskowka" Heating Plant. The modernization will include dedusting processes with the possibility of expanding the installation in the future with the flue gas desulphurization process from the WR-25 boiler.

The first stage of the investment will cover only the dedusting process, which will be implemented through the horizontal bag filter, consisting of two twin modules. Already at this stage, the installation will be prepared for further expansion to include the desulphurization installation, which will be possible in the second stage using the dry method, and ultimately in the third stage using the semi-dry method. The planned target neutralization of sulfur compounds will take place with the use of mechanical reactors and optimally selected sorbents. 

The project will be implemented based on own "know how" in the "turnkey" formula, which means that the scope of works will include the preparation of complete design documentation, prefabrication of installation elements, assembly works, commissioning and optimization.

The works on this project will be in full swing soon.

Good luck.

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