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INSTAL-FILTER SA co-creates the BT Industrial Solutions Group

INSTAL-FILTER SA, BART and the BT Cleanroom brand merge into the BT Industrial Solutions Group. This is a milestone, both from the perspective of employees, customers and the Polish industry. Combining experience, technologies and the best specialists in the field of dust extraction, filtration, ventilation systems and clean rooms, the BT Industrial Solutions Group provides comprehensive solutions for air protection systems with energy recovery around the world.

– "Together we can do more" - the motto, repeated since the beginning of the merger of INSTAL-FILTER SA and BART, materializes in the BT Industrial Solutions trade mark. As an integrator of Polish engineering companies, we are building a new service and product offer, which will be the basis for further, dynamic development.

The symbol of the BT Industrial Solutions Group is a swift soaring into the sky. It is a bird that can almost continuously hover in the air, which for the BTIS brand symbolizes continuous development. Swifts are also one of the fastest birds, they can reach speeds of up to 200 km/h in flight. We believe that as BT Industrial Solutions, with a similar wind in our wings, we will prove that "only sky is the limit".

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