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Industrial vacuuming


Central vacuum cleaners are intended for industrial objects where there is required removal of dusts settled on devices or floors. Vacuum cleaned objects ensure comfort for employees and required safety in case of explosive dusts. INSTAL-FILTER SA applies modern methods which solve the problem quickly and efficiently.


A central unit produces a sub-pressure in a system of pipes; in relevant locations there are placed pipes with sucking nozzles which suck dusts which is further ejected outside.


Typical central vacuum cleaning system comprises the following elements:

  • Sub-pressure production We use pumps, Root's blower or high-pressure fans. Engines of these devices can be equipped with frequency converter adjusting their rotates to needs of a system. Hence, a client may take advantage of energy savings, increased service life and noise reduction. Power of the unit depends on length of pipes and required sub-pressure in the installation.
  • Pipe system It comprises steel pipes of varied diameters, connection points and flexible hoses with sucking nozzles. Elements of the pipes can be welded or erected on the basis of commercially available elements supplemented with special clamps. Connection points are equipped with valves (hatches) ended by a cone element which enables connection of flexible hoses. Normally, the system enables operation of 3 connection points at the same time. Total no. of points at the system depends on needs of a user and overall dimensions of the system. Flexible hoses and types of required sucking nozzles are adjusted by experts from INSTAL-FILTER SA on the basis of needs of a particular system which is a great advantage of our offer.
  • Air cleaning unit Because of large concentration of dusts contained in sucked air there are applied mainly two-stage separation systems (frequently they are placed in a one housing and make up a single unit). At the first stage there are applied, among others, pre-separators and cyclones which precipitate up to 70-95% of dusts. The remaining part is precipitated at the second stage - via filters with bag inserts or cartridges.
  • Dust evacuation system Depending on a solution we offer dust regular / periodic collection systems. In case of regular dust collection system the dust is ejected outside during operation of the systems (we apply systems of dampers, double-hatch valves etc.). In case of a periodic system, the dust is collected in a container and emptied during a downtime of the system.
  • Control system We called the above system a stationary one, which means that all devices are fastened at a particular location forever. However, in practice we also apply so called mobile system



  • We base on our own designs and solutions, nevertheless, we also apply proven elements of other, leading manufacturers. Hence, we can adjust a system to real needs of an investor.
  • We offer complex supply of systems, from a design, supply of devices, their assembly in an object to the start up.
  • We always try to adjust our offer to needs of our clients. Flexibility and professional support at every stage of performance is a domain of the INSTAL-FILTER SA.