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Industrial gases neutralization


Gas neutralization technologies are applied to reduce gas compounds (SOx, NOx, HCl, HF) as well as dioxins, furans and heavy metals. We apply them when cleaning fumes originating from combustion of fossils fuels, RDFs and municipal wastes. Neutralization systems are applied in many technological processes during which certain environment harmful compounds are released, having a negative impact on the environment but also human and animal health. INSTAL-FILTER SA has developed neutralization technologies in such a way to respond clients' needs.


Neutralization technologies offered by our company combine highly-effective, modular bag filters with dry absorbers or semi-dry ones. Together, they make an effective and reliable way of elimination of gaseous harmful compounds and dusts. Neutralization installations enter re-agents into cleaning devices, where, as a result of chemical and physical reactions (re-agent - cleaned fumes) there takes place elimination of harmful compounds as well as gas de-dusting process.


Gas neutralization technologies offered by INSTAL-FILTER SA meet all rigorous environmental standards in the field of dust emission and reduction of gaseous harmful compounds in fumes. As many-year experienced experts we assure optimal selection of technologies and devices adjusted to needs and requirements of our Clients. Choosing our company to carry out your investment you will cooperate with a proven partner. You will be sure a technology is implemented and it was tested by INSTAL-FILTER SA in many sites.