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Chemical industry

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In chemicals plants there exist any processes which require dry dust extraction systems. This is the sector where there is a need for very complicated dust extracting installations based on dosing process of varied sorbents.

There frequently exist very hot gases characterized by high humidity rate and containing very different pollutants. Very often it is necessary to apply very varied materials a filter is made of; sometimes this requirement concerns the entire system. Also filtrating materials applied in this sector are very rare and not applied in other industries. 

INSTAL-FILTER SA can offer a lot of specific solutions enabling dry filtration of the processes which, not so long ago, could be subject of wet (less efficient) gas purification process only. 

Processes the most frequently de-dusted in this industry comprise:

  • Artificial fertilizers production lines comprising, among others:
    • Fertilizers drying rooms
    • Fertilizer cooling rooms
    • Sieves, fertilizers crushers, transport systems
  • Lines to manufacture laundry powders
  • Bulk materials transport and storage systems

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