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Gas filtration


Gas filtration is applied when in the progress of economic processes of a human there occur gases contaminated by solids. Range of such processes is very wide and in practice, there is no sector of industry which does not need to apply such a filtration. Main sources of these contaminants there are, mostly, fuels combustion process (coal, biomass, wastes), grinding processes, crushing process, kilning, smelting and steel treatment as well as many other processes. Dusts emitted together with gases are harmful to the natural environment and that is why their elimination is so crucial. It concerns, most of all, work stands as well as other places where people stay. Air protection is a priority in many countries in the world. In practice, the filtration technology is frequently connected with harmful gas compounds neutralization. Then, in a single system there takes place neutralization process of dusts and gases.


In gas filtration technology we apply series of physical rules which enable us to separate solid particles from a stream of dusted air. These are the simplest rules applying gas mechanics rules and advanced technologies based on filtration ensured by filtrating fibers. The rules in question are also applied in order to design a single device (filters with preliminary chambers, cyclo-filters). In the filtration process a separated purified air is emitted into the atmosphere and filtrated dust is managed by an investor. Type of applicable technology is affected by several factors. The most important ones are type of dust producing process, dust ratio, gas temperature and required final emission rate.


Filtration technology by INSTAL FILTER SA warrants solution meeting individual needs of a client and ensures emission rate reduction acc. to binding emission rate standards. In order to follow trends we also offer solutions which enable us to adjust emission rates to more restrictive values, which may become binding in the future. It is possible to limit concentration of dusts in purified gases up to below 1 mg/m3. An investor may also appreciate experience of our personnel, gained during more than 20 year operation related with filtration technology.