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Metallurgy and founding

Metallurgy sector is one of the main branches of the heavy industry where most of technological processes requires de-dusting installations. Our company has an extensive experience in the field of removal of solid and gas pollutants in steelworks and foundries. We warrant professional approach and the best technical solutions of problems our clients in these segments of industry must face. We provide complex support - from a design and production to montage and service. There is no technological process in this sector for which the INSTAL-FILTER SA is not able to perform a de-dusting system.

We are experts in the field of de-dusting systems intended for steelworks and foundries.

We offer:

Solutions for the foundry sector

  • de-dusting installations for the inductive furnaces
  • de-dusting installations for the arc furnaces
  • de-dusting installations for cast-iron units with cold and hot blow
  • de-dusting installations for the gas furnaces
  • de-dusting installations for balling stations
  • de-dusting installations for automatic forming and pouring lines
  • de-dusting installations for molding sand stations
    • sand drying rooms
    • shaking grates
    • sand cooling units
    • sand sieves and crushers
    • bulk materials transport systems
    • containers for pulp and other raw materials
    • molding sands mixing plants
  • de-dusting installations for cast processing units including
    • sand and shot blasting machines
    • cast grinders
    • spure processing stations

Solutions for steelworks sector

  • de-dusting systems for raw materials transport and re-loading installations
  • de-dusting systems for iron ores sintering lines
  • de-dusting installations for furnaces
  • de-dusting installations for mixers


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