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Industrial fans

We offer technology of gas re-pumping which meets the highest requirements and individual needs of users.

It is related with growing meaning of fans in contemporary technological processes. An opinion, that industrial fans are a heart of entire systems is more and more popular.


Fans we offer are applied in all sectors of the industry. Numerous series of types enables us to design solutions oriented to a user and adjusted to specificity of particular application. Rotators of the fans offered by the INSTAL-FILTER SA are adjusted with consideration given to the latest achievements in the field of flow engineering.


Fans are rotational working machines intended to pump gases. Pumping and increase in the total pressure takes place by means of external power of electric engine. Energy transferred into the rotator is sufficient to overcome estimated flow resistance at the suction and pumping side and to make the agent flow at required speed. Fans may operate at the suction side, pumping side or the intermediate side - sucking-pumping one.


Range of our products includes radial fans (flow of the agent perpendicular to the rotator's axis). There comprise: housing with a supportive structure, rotator, bearings and driving engine. Engines we apply are normally adjusted to cooperate with an inverter.

Series of fans from INSTAL-FILTER SA catalog of products comprise:

  • all available types of drives that is direct drive, clutch drive or belt drive
  • one and double stream fans,
  • range of flows from 300 to 480 000 m3/h, pressure ratio up to 31 500 Pa.
  • classification depending on temperature of pumped utility. Normally we offer three ranges: up to 80 °C, up to 180 ° and up to 300 °. We also offer special units operating up to 600°C.

Additional equipment

Moreover, every fan can be equipped with series of additional elements which enable adjusting it to special conditions of a system. Among others:

  • flow regulating elements (apparatuses, single-leaf dampers, louver dampers) with a manual, electric or pneumatic drive
  • connection elements (outlet jets, elbow inlets, inlet filters, fiber expansion joints for inlet/outlet connection pipes)
  • elements designed to eliminate vibrations (vibro-insulators for concrete floors or steel structures)
  • control & measurement elements (bearings temperature sensors, measurement system and vibration control system)
  • elements intended to change fan rpm (converters, multi-speed engines)

What is important, all of our fans ensure low noise levels. Since noise pollution has a very disadvantageous impact on environment where people work, INSTAL-FILTER SA provides also a series of specialized devices intended to reduce the noise.

In order to protect audition we offer:

  • Baffle-type silencers
  • Pipe silencers
  • Sound absorbing walls
  • Acoustic cabins
  • Sound insulations


  • solid, industrial structure and lower noise pollution rates and vibration rates as a standard.
  • the latest technologies ensure high quality norms.
  • fans we offer are energy-saving units, safe for the environment, reliable and their prices are attractive.
  • all products are adjusted to needs of clients. Products can be customized (large flows, multi-stage fans with great pressure ratios etc.)
  • per an investor's request every fan can be adjusted to particular requirements that is they can be acid-proof and operate in other aggressive environment or high/low temperatures.
  • combining of elements from our range of acoustic products enables to meet the most restrictive requirements regarding work stand protection from noise.
  • we offer industrial fans, gas tight, counter-sparking ones, insulated acc. to ATEX requirements, resistant to rapid pressure growth and abrasion.
  • we meet special requirements in the field of area which is highly desired in particular in pharmaceutical or chemicals industries.
  • professional team of experienced engineers provides design consultations and technical support - starting from selection of units to the operation process.

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