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Gas filtration is applied when in the progress of economic processes of a human there occur gases contaminated by solids. Range of such processes is very wide and in practice, there is no sector of industry which does not need to apply such a filtration.

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Gas neutralization technologies are applied to reduce gas compounds (SOx, NOx, HCl, HF) as well as dioxins, furans and heavy metals. We apply them when cleaning fumes originating from combustion of fossils fuels, RDFs and municipal wastes.

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Complex approach to the fumes cleaning issue and energy recovery is ensured by designed by INSTAL-FILTER SA compact system applied when solid fuels (coal, biomass, RDF, sludge) are combusted.

icon ATEX explosion-proof technologies


In many sectors of industry it is frequently required to de-dust air & dust mixtures which are very explosive. Mainly, it concerns processes related with processing of coal, biomass, wood in wood industry, organic dusts in a foodstuffs industry, dusts in chemicals industry etc.

icon - Transport of bulk materials


Most of de-dusting installations require supply of dust to a single or a few locations. Transport may take place into chutes, within installations or to place, which is far away.

industrial vacuuming icon


Central vacuum cleaners are intended for industrial objects where there is required removal of dusts settled on devices or floors. Vacuum cleaned objects ensure comfort for employees and required safety in case of explosive dusts. INSTAL-FILTER SA applies modern methods which solve the problem quickly and efficiently.

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