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INSTAL-FILTER S.A. and BART join forces 

On December 8, 2021, BART Sp. z o.o. acquired a majority (60.1%) block of shares in INSTAL-FILTER S.A. The purpose of the transaction is to increase the business potential and consolidate the air purification technology industry in Poland. President of the Management Board of INSTAL-FILTER S.A. became Roman Burgiel. Mirosław Litke took the position of the Vice President of the Management Board.

The joint offer of Bart and INSTAL-FILTER S.A., along with the construction of a new family of products, will be the basis for further, dynamic development of enterprises in the country and abroad. Joining forces aims to use mutual synergies and development opportunities that are not available to independent entities. As a result, production, distribution and research and development activities will gain a significant pace of development and improve their effectiveness.

- As a result of the takeover, a Group will be created that will combine two successfully operating companies on the Polish market with some export experience. Bart will receive access to INSTAL-FILTER S.A. products with the possibility of developing its product line, which at the same time will allow for extending the offer outside the country. INSTAL-FILTER SA will expand access to the market in connection with the use of Bart's commercial activities - says Roman Burgiel, President of the Management Board of BART Sp. z o.o. and INSTAL-FILTER S.A. - There is an exciting time to integrate companies and prepare for dynamic growth ahead of us. We do not rule out further acquisitions, also outside Poland - he adds.

BART Sp. z o.o. is a leading system integrator in Poland on the industrial investment market, specializing in sanitary installations, in particular process dedusting, ventilation, air-conditioning and cooling systems. Thanks to synergy with INSTAL-FILTER S.A., the leading technology of which is flue gas desulphurization and gas neutralization, companies gain a broadening of the offer range, a larger scale of operation and a diversified opportunity to cooperate with customers from many market segments in Poland and Europe.

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