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Clear sky over Włocławek

INSTAL-FILTER SA carried out a turnkey investment for MPEC Włocławek, thanks to which it will be possible to significantly reduce the emission of harmful dusts and sulfur dioxide, in accordance with the guidelines of the IED Directive. 


The flue gas desulphurization installation based on the fluidized bed reactor technology will reduce the sulfur oxides emitted in the flue gas by twelve times, and the dust by up to 60 times. Emissions of hydrogen chloride and hydrogen fluoride will be also reduced.The subject of the contract was the preparation of design documentation, delivery, construction with the necessary connections to the existing infrastructure, start-up and commissioning of a new flue gas desulphurization and dedusting installation, along with the modernization of flue gas ducts for four coal boilers. As part of the investment, a new 30-meter installation was built, equipped with bag filters with a considerable amount of 1,244 cages and filter bags. Thanks to the investment, the MPEC Włocławek heat source will meet the air pollutant emission standards set out in the IED Directive, adopted by the European Parliament in 2010. MPEC had until December 31, 2022 to adapt the heat and power plant to its provisions. Thanks to the efficient work of INSTAL-FILTER SA assembly teams, this summer residents of Włocławek will be able to breathe much cleaner air.


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